The West Virginia Northern Railroad
The Final Run
Final check befor departure
Monday, September 16, 2002

The last train to run on the West Virginia Northern Railroad 
prepares to depart Kingwood for the final time. 

The consist:

WVN Locomotive #50 (dead)
WVN Locomotive #52
WVN Flatcar (unnumbered)

In charge of the train:

Engineer: B. C. Lewis, Pittsburgh, PA
Fireman: Larry Hileman, Terra Alta, WV

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Out onto the Min Line (dsc0280s)
Entering the Main for the Final Time
Past the Yard Office (dsc0281s)
The train passes the Yard Office and motorcar shed for the final time. 
The weather is overcast with a 
light on again - off again drizzle.
At the bottom of the hill (dsc0286s)
Cement Plant Crossing - Bottom of the Hill
11:42am - all stop!

An initial run at the hill met with failure...
heavy weed growth, rusty rail and a light rain made traction impossible.  The decision was made to bring #50 on line for extra traction.

Three miles to the summit... 

Belw Switchback (dsc0288s)
Last Crossing before Lower Switchback
12:02am - no time for lunch!

During the climb up the hill there were numerous stops due to wheel slip.  The train was backed to a point where another run could be made
with sand being dropped all the way

The train stalled just past this crossing and backed to take another run.
Next stop - the Lower Switchback

Near Summit (dsc0288s)
Near Irona - Approaching the Summit
12:44pm - rolling smoothly now.

The worst of the hill behind us and it is an easy run from here to the summit.

Leaving Howsville (027_24s)
Leaving Howsville
12:44pm - It's downhill from here.
Marion Siding (dsc0300s)
 Leaving Marion Siding

The overhanging brush and trees made visibility difficult at many locations.  You can see the debris covering the flatcar and the locomotive walkways.

To Marion Curve (dsc0301s)
Heading toward Marion Curve
Last Crossing (dsc0307s)
At the last Crossing - Tunnelton
M. P. 0 (dsc0311s)
Mile Post 0 - end of the line
At Tunnelton (mvc034fs)
At Tunnelton - on the Interchange

After a few switching moves to position the flat behind No. 900, the locomotives are shut down and protective boards are applied over the windows of #52.

All Quiet (dsc0314s)
All is quiet on the WVN
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Photos by R. H. Lewis

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